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Recruitment ipsum first of all I want to apologise for contacting you randomly out of the blue. Now that’s my spiel out of the way… from reading about your interests, experience and background, I do have one specific role working with a OO JavaScript and React.js to develop a SPA for a financial derivatives trading company in London. For this reason I wondered if you would be interested in hearing about a variety new challenges?

Although in finance, it’s a relaxed work environment and they use some of the latest technologies to a TDD approach in an agile development process. Could do with speaking to when your free for 10 minutes, no bullshit approach. It would also be great to have a copy of your CV to refer to during this call. Please see role details below. One of the companies I am working with is one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, serving customers in more than 170 countries.

And if you check out my LinkedIn profile and recommendations therein I hope you will appreciate that if indeed you could be interested in a new position (either now or in the future) then it may be mutually beneficial for us to have a discussion. I am very interested in your profile and was hoping to speak to you about a number of contract opportunities that i have available in Amsterdam at the moment.

As software engineer you will work on the front end using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to improve the enterprise software/platforms by adding new functionalities, maintaining API, developing UI components and building frameworks. Its paying £55,000 – £70,000 + 15% Bonus and lots of other benefits. If you don’t currently have experience with these, you will have the option to learn if you wish! If you drop me your number and a suitable time, we can go from there!

I would be more than happy to share more information with you to explain their vision further. I can arrange for whenever is convenient for you! Last week I read an interesting article ‚9 ways to be less annoying on LinkedIn. If you are interested, lets organise a good time to talk on the phone. No world class product has been built without passionate engineers solving complex and seemingly impossible user problems, hence why I’m reaching out to you.

I thought (on the face of it anyway) it looked like a good match for your profile. Is that something you’d be open to at the moment? We want to fill this positions soon. If you are interested, I have a nice opportunity. I was wondering if you could be looking at new opportunities? If you like what you do, I might have something really interesting for you. As I’m sure I’ve intimated earlier, I appreciate you are likely to get these kind of emails all the time but with the above in mind I’d love to connect either way and then keep in touch from there.

Originally a computer scientist, our CEO made the weird career decision to open a restaurant. The reason I decided to get in touch is because I am working very closely with some of the most exciting technology-centric companies in London with finding the best talent for their organisations. They have their own products and offer great opportunities to grow into. If not, please let me know when so I can contact you at the relevant time.

The reason I ask is because I am currently working on a senior/lead frontend role for a product company based in Utrecht. I wanted to reach out to you as the client I am recruiting for is still looking to speak with a person with your skills. I came across your profile here on Linkedin, and I noticed your experience as Frontend Developer. I appreciate you might not be looking for a move at the moment but it would definitely be worth having an exploratory chat.

Switzerland was recently voted one of the top countries in the world for IT professionals in terms of salary, work/life balance and overall job satisfaction. The holiday break is a time where a lot of people consider their situation, and decide they want a new challenge in the new year. Want a fresh start this year & looking for a new role? Good communication skills are a must as you will be interacting with other software developers and project managers in a test driven environment.

I would very much like to get in touch with you, not only to tell you more about the role but also to hear what would interest you to switch jobs. I’m sure you get a few messages so I will happily be upfront with you and send over the jobs and company names I’m working with if you had any interest in seeing what was out there? We want to fill this positions soon. We are looking for an iOS or Android Developer that will work on their app by developing it and adding new features to it.

I have specifically chosen to write to you, because you have mentioned angularJS on your profile and you currently work at a well-known Consultancy. I am working with a number of companies that would be very interested in your depth of knowledge. I noticed you have experience in JavaScript and mobile development which is of big interest for us since we work with React/React native, Node.js, TypeScript, Redux, Express.js, Docker, Jenkins and AWS.

They are known globally as a major technology player – pioneering the digital advances that are shaping and driving the information age. I will try to keep this one short and simple. You will be joining a young and dynamic environment, with the possibility to grow inside and take on more responsibilities. They used the „real life example“ of meeting an interesting person in a bar, exchanging numbers and never getting back in touch.